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Welcome to my blog!! :3


Welcome to my blog, my name is Annisa, I love movie, music, comics, and I want a prince who looks like Billie Joe Armstrong. Is that too much?


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Juan Mata

Sabtu, 29 September 2012 01.36

I should post about him. My favourite Chelsea player. He is about 24 years old. He is a great attacking midfielder. He is also a good student. Sadly, he is not my boyfie. Chants for Juan Mata is: "Nananananana juan oh juan mata runs on the wing for me nananananana juan oh juan mata runs on the wing for me" i wish i could sing it in Stamford Bridge. 

Mata began his football career in Spain, playing for Real Oviedo. In 1997, he joinedReal Madrid. Mata spent three years in the club's academy progressing through their junior teams and, at the age of 18, made the switch to Real Madrid Castilla for the2006–07 season, where he finished the season as the side's second best scorer with 10 goals. In the start of the 2007–08 season, Mata signed for fellow La Liga sideValencia CF, through a contractual clause at Real Madrid. He was voted the team's Best young player, at the end of that season. Since making his debut for Valencia in 2007, Mata had become an integral part of the club's midfield, making over 174 appearances for the duration of four seasons. In the 2011–12 season, Mata moved to England, signing for Premier League club Chelsea in August 2011, for a fee in the region of £23.5 million. On 27 August 2011, Mata made his debut and scored a goal forChelsea against Norwich City, where he came on as a substitute. Mata won the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup in his debut season at Chelsea. He also won the club's Player of the Year award.

PS: Please follow juanmata's fanbase on twitter, @juanmataa10. Love ya.

Anonymous Ninji said on 29 September 2012 21.48  

nice post my friend :)

Blogger Annisa said on 30 September 2012 01.53  

Thank you! ^^

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